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DVD cover
    NEW !!!
       Dream About Heaven
       A Birth I Can't Forget
       He Didn't Throw the Clay Away
       Ole Chunk of Coal

    Feel the Excitement and Worship!
    Stories - Songs - Music & More!
    Woody Beatty on the Piano

DVD cover
    NEW !!!
       I Am Blessed
       Pour It On
       Just For Me
       On My Mother's Side
       I've Been Everywhere
       The Bear Story
       Just A Closer Walk
       Maybe One More Day

    Stories - Songs - Music & More!
    Woody Beatty on the Piano

DVD cover-Lighter Moments
    A Collection of some of Jerry's funny stories
    Dr. Jerry is the Emcee and Host of the JUBILEE AT SEA,
    a Christian cruise, sponsored by TEMPLETON TOURS.
    He entertains the crowd with Lighter Moments between
    the singing groups. You often see them setting up for the next
    performance. Sail with Dr. Jerry and Little Jan on a cruise.

The Cross
    Inspirational Sermon

DVD cover-It's About Time
    Historical Sermon

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