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Around the Bend
    "The title, Around the Bend, is from a column
    I write monthly for a mid-western newspaper...
    The U.S. Gospel News. Since many of these
    articles have appeared in that paper, I felt it
    only fitting to continue the name here." -- Dr. Jerry

Just Between Us
    "This is the ninth book in the series. Just Between
, I'd like to do at least one more and have an even
    ten...or maybe more. As long as the good Lord keeps
    blessing and I can share life with you...I'll keep
    writing." -- Dr. Jerry

You Make Me Smile
    "My warmest thanks to all of you who take time to
    read my musings. From my heart to all of you.........
    You Make Me Smile!" -- Dr. Jerry

Footprints of the Bride
    Great Christian Personalities in Church History:
    Volume I, 4 BC - AD 590
    In this compelling look at the footprints
    engraved forever in the sands of time Dr. Jerry
    reveals the identifying marks of the feet of
    "the Bride". This candid history is the exciting
    biography of the Bride, not a dusty and dry
    story, but the thrilling truth behind the saga
    of the Church.

    Great Christian Personalities in Church History:
    Volume II, AD 590 - AD 1900

    "Through the years, since age seven, it has been a
    joyous privilege of mine to express my faith through
    songs...Many of these you have made some of America's
    Favorites...It is for this reason that I have chosen
    to title this book...Favorites. Thank you for your
    love and support through the years." -- Dr. Jerry

    "If you know a child, then you want to purchase this Picture Bible.
    It puts the Bible in a format any child will understand and enjoy." -- Dr. Jerry

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